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Suzi Barrett

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Suzi Barrett has been studying, performing, and teaching improv for 25 years. A student of io, The Second City, and UCB, she spent 3 years in Amsterdam performing with Boom Chicago before finally landing in LA. At UCB, she has taught all levels—including advanced study— and coached 6 Harold teams. She also started Improv Bootcamp, where she taught and coached LA's indie performers for 10 years.


She's a member of Sentimental Lady, Pretty Darn Queer, and Paper with Matt Walsh. On TV, she was a series regular on the half-improvised Disney sitcom Just Roll With It, and a frequent drunk on Drunk History. You can catch her on the Comedy Bang Bang podcast or on TikTok @suzibear44.

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Ryan Meharry

"Suzi is one of the best teachers I've ever had, comedy or otherwise. Equally challenging and supportive, she will expand how you see and approach improv in ways you didn't know existed. Basically, if you're bad, she'll make you good. If you're good, she'll make you great. If you're great, she'll get you to blow people's minds."
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