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Welcome To Our Studio!

We teach comedy and collaboration in Los Angeles, California. You can see our style of comedy at The Shared Experience Show featuring our favorite improvisers every Wednesday at The Yard Theater

Our Mission

The Shared Experience Studio’s mission is to guide improvisers, comedy writers and comedic actors as they refine their craft in an ongoing quest to make their work meet their standards. We cultivate a style that is nuanced, grounded, and joyfully collaborative, with an intellectual eye on the shared experience between audience and performer. Our teaching methodology centers the comedian and their goals and is thoughtful, inclusive, practical, and honest. We believe this gives comedians the confidence to take creative risks and agency over the development of their instrument.

Keep Improv Safe. Report Harassment.

Report unethical, unsafe, or unwanted behavior to up to six schools at once.
You can choose to remain anonymous, or give your contact info so that we can follow up.

1. Go to

2. Click on "file a report"

3. Type in client code LAIMPROV

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