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Karen Baughn

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Karen loves teaching comedy almost as much as she loves doing it herself.   A laugh for you is a win for her. 


Karen’s comedy education is a healthy mix of comedy styles, which means she can guide you towards the techniques that work best for you. She's studied and performed at UCB, Groundlings, iOWest, and Bang Comedy Theater. She was on UCB Harold Teams, Heartthrob and Cookieburg, Maude Team, All In, and iOWest Teams, Bush League and It’s The Cops!

That’s in addition to her traditional education: a BA in theater from Occidental College, a certificate from the London Dramatic Academy, and a Masters in Professional Creative Writing from DU. (What can she say, she loves school.)  


And that’s probably why she spends much of her time teaching. Karen is a proud college professor at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy where she teaches the next generation of improvisers and screenwriters. She also directs the yearly musical production at A Time For Dance and taught sketch writing at iOWest. She has been teaching consistently for yea now fifteen years.

But that doesn’t mean that Karen is always stuck in a classroom. She works! You can see her in the film American Christmas starring Tara Reid on Showtime, a movie that she co-wrote and helped bring to life. She is in several commercials running now, including ones for Square and Evil West, starring Danny Trejo. And, if you want to see her live, you can see

the improvised murder mystery Dinner Detective, or, preferably, at the Shared Experience Show every Wednesday night at the Lyric Hyperion.


Karen’s approach is joyful, discerning, and kind. Because, why do this stuff if you’re not having fun? She is! 

Aaron Lichtanski

"Karen is great at fostering the super silly fun in each scene while still helping you maintain a cohesive game that allows your scene to go the distance."
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