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PJ McCormick

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PJ McCormick is a mixed Filipino and British actor, writer, and comedian based in Los Angeles. He's a regular performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) on the Harold team Lohan, host of UCB’s ONE BIG JAM, and is an original member of Filipino AF, an all Filipinx comedy group.


At The Shared Experience Studio, PJ serves as Director of Content and faculty instructor. He designs and maintains the website; directs, edits, illustrates, and animates the SES Comedy Tips and Patreon content; and teaches The Shared Experience Drop In every Sunday and Tuesday. He is also a regular performer on Shared Experience Show on the monoscene team Bad Baddies.

PJ started performing at 16 as professional wrestler Johnny Ender of The Nerdy Boys and is the inaugural tag team champion of River City Wrestling. In college, PJ studied broadcast journalism and created Happy Workshop, a surrealist puppet show built on Buddhist values that aired on North Texas Television. In New York, he worked at The Howard Stern Show as a contributing joke writer and producer. PJ has appeared in national commercials for companies like Yahoo! Sports, The Zebra, and Wonderful Pistachios.

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Josh Settuba

"It's hard to put into words, but his approach feels more "real" than a lot of teachers I've had. He empowered me to rely on and trust my instincts, see the big picture of my emotions and real life. He simplified and demystified the process to make it feel more fun and way less intimidating. And I also ended up making a team from our practice, so that's cool too."
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